The Primary Role that Parents play in Their Children’s Spiritual Development

An aspect of the holistic or integral education given at Roseville is the attention to the transcendental dimension of the person. The spiritual development of the pupils is carried out with the understanding and consent of their parents and in collaboration with them.
Spiritual formation in Roseville  is given in full fidelity to the Magisterium of Catholic Church. Nevertheless, every pupil, regardless of her particular religious faith, is encouraged to foster a relationship with God and to develop her spiritual life with a genuine spirit of freedom and commitment. This enriches us  as a human beings and enables us  become an excellent person in every sense of the word.
The Religious Education Programme which is offered gives pupils the opportunity to acquire a deep understanding of the Catholic Faith and its practice. Intrinsic to this is the greatest respect for the freedom of consciences. 

The Chaplain of the School is a priest of Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church. Mass is celebrated in the school’s Chapel and pupils are encouraged, but not compelled to attend. The priest also administers the sacrament of confession to those who wish to receive it. 

He also give a class on morals to the pupils every two weeks, with a focus on the acquisition and practice of human and Christian virtues.


The standards of behavior enumerated below serve a guide and a help to students to always act in a way that reflects the education they receive at home and in school. As is expected, these rules are observed by students in a natural and spontaneous way as they go about their normal activities. 

Roseville School is not so much interested in a meticulous observance of rules, as in the students’ possession of clear principles and criteria to guide them in their personal conduct and in their relationship with other persons.

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