My Experience

A speech presented by JSS 2 ROSE class secretary, Nneji Chidiogo at the 2019 founders day

As we all know the 17th of September is our foundation day, that is the day our school started. I can clearly remember that day, we were one year younger, one year shorter and the school’s current inhabitants were 38 students less. We were all looking fresh and new but we hadn’t yet been polished by our teachers. 

Well a lot has changed since a year ago. We have all grown into mature ladies. We have all learnt from our past actions. Not only that, a year ago we were 30 in our class, now we are 27. then we would always make noise and loiter but now we keep calm and study and I am very sure it is because we want to make a good impression on our juniors.

A year ago our teachers were all so nice and kind and up to today, they are even more. All changes geared towards positive and great impact.

12 months ago I would easily shout at my classmates but now I have learnt that it is considered rude. I have also discovered that even though we learn virtues here, we have to implement them everywhere we go.

One year ago I would choose the smart people as my friends and believe me, I have learnt from my mistakes. Now I look for a friend with a good and virtuous heart and I know it will have a drastic change in my life. I mean a year ago, I wasn’t a writer at all but now I can comfortably write a poem. A year ago I couldn’t use a knife and fork to eat but now it is as easy as ABC.

Still counting back, a year ago I wasn’t the person I am today. I was playful, slightly insecure an d n ot quite serious but now oh now I am mature, prayerful and virtue filled and I am so grateful for all that. I hope your “a year ago is something to be thoughtful for.


My Roseville Experience

A speech presented by ILo Chiamaka at the celebration of the 2019 Roseville Founders day

 All thanks to the wonderful group “Ikota Foundation”, the brain behind the existence of the citadel of learning “Roseville”. On this very day last year, this great citadel of learning was officially open and had enrolled their first students called the pioneer students which I was part of. I will say that the school life has been full of several interesting experiences over the months. My school life is all about the memories I really cherish. The memories of not only the fun, friendship and all the sports and extra-curricular activities but also the way it helped me find my interest. The school gave various ways to develop not only my scholastic abilities but also my good behaviour. There are numerous things that makes not only my experiences so far the best phase of my life, like the excursions, the Thursday masses, sports, experiments and nice interactions.

This school has a great mission to partner with parents to give a holistic or all round education to the children. This citadel has lived up to this mission. This citadel has enrolled more students into its school thereby increasing the population and making us seniors and exposing us to more friends. Today being the 17th of September 2019 we celebrate the success and progress of this school for 1 year. The school has given us so much and we will give much too “for whom much is given, much is expected “.




My Roseville Experience so far

A speech presented by Nweke Munachi at the celebration of the 2019 Roseville Founders day

The news about this new school Roseville secondary school became clear to me as my cousin said more and more about this school. From her descriptions about the school which was very convincing, I just had to check out the school, meaning that I would have to write the exam till the D-day and at my arrival, to see the huge number of crowd gave me butterflies in my stomach, it made wonder and ponder in thoughts if I was going to pass or not, I gave it my best and well I am here today.

The first day of orientation which was the first day I stepped foot in Roseville Secondary School, listening to how  my would be teachers spoke and looking at my first classmates to be made me wonder what adventures awaited me. The first activity was to learn the names of all my classmates to be and to really say the girl to do so is the one who amazed me and still amazes me till today.

My adventures began with my amazing gem members, getting to understand their personalities, working together as a team with them and learning a comfortable way to communicate without violence was really fun.

Teachers like Mrs Ogo, Mrs Delphine and Ms Nonye who make the class lively in such a way that no one ever gets bored. Lantana college of hospitality who never stopped bringing so many delicacies to the table.

To speak about trips outside the school, trip to Innoson,going for spelling bee, trip to lantana etc were amazing as I got to learn new things. 

What is a fun day without Nneoma’s ability to make people smile or laugh with her talks, Ifeoma’s friendship, Adaoma’s care, Ebube’s jokes, Chidiogo’s enthusiasm and smile and Ms Melvina’s fun way of teaching.

My misadventure began when I left the important things in school for irrelevant things, one of them was unnecessary friendships which were distracting. I rather searched for role models among my peers and I learnt from one of them. If you are really worth anything, true friends will look for you.

If there is one thing I have learnt about my school, its that they have a vision and they are on a mission to raise the future leaders of tomorrow and to be a leading school in the society empowering girls through their system of education that is set by Ikota foundation. My teachers and my outstanding principal Mrs Ijeoma Amu. I will always duff my hats up for them because of the hard work and effort, and for never giving up on us and supporting us, I say a big thank you.