The following steps will serve to clarify the admission process for applicants and prospective students of Roseville Secondary School for the 2020/2021 academic session . Please read through carefully.

Summary Of Steps in the Admissions Process:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the school 
  2. Fill up the Application Form
  3. Pay Examination Fees
  4. Documents submision
  5. Obtain Exam ID Card and Subjects for Examination
  6. Entrance Examinations
  7. Parents’ interview for shortlisted candidates
  8. Publishing of Successful Candidates
  9. Payment of Fees and Completion of the  Family Enrichment Programme
  10. Orientation for new students, Parents Forum& Resumption of Classes


The 2020/2021 call for admission into Roseville Secondary School is currently on.  The School invites suitably qualified students to apply and write the common entrance examination to be a part of  the noble students  in our prestigious schools 

Details of 2020/2021 Admission Process

STEP 1: FARMILIARIZE Yourself With The School.

i.   Find time to visit the school during a typical school day to experience the school atmosphere  unique to Roseville  School.  

ii. Get familiar with the school’s educational philosophy.  

iii. Read the Admissions policy of the school. The day-school system which Roseville operates is  consistent with our stance on parental involvement. 

This system preserves the natural  availability of parents to their adolescent children and hence provides an ample opportunity to watch them grow and develop, while making their educative input and transmitting values.

STEP 2: FILL Up The Application Form

i.   Submit to the school and get a confirmation message within 24 hours .

ii.   If you do not receive the confirmation message please send an email to 

STEP 3: PAY Examination Fees

i.  Pay the Examination Fee of N6000 directly to Roseville Secondary  School bank account.  

             Account Name:       IEF- Roseville Secondary School

        Account Number:      1015413498

                                      Bank:        Zenith Bank   

Payment is recognized only when it reflects in the account of the school. 

Email proof of payment (i.e. transfer slip) to

STEP 4: DOCUMENTS Submission

Submit the following documents at the Admissions Office

     i.   Two (2) passport photos of the candidate.

    ii.   Copy of Birth Certificate OR

   iii.   Copy of Baptismal Certificate (for Catholics and Anglicans)

   iv.  Copy of report card for last term. 

   v.   Copy of bank deposit slip or proof of online payment.

STEP 5: EXAM ID Card and Subjects for Examination

i. Collect the Examination ID Card on the entrance exam day. The ID Card contains your Exam Number.

The written exam for incoming JS1 candidates will cover three areas: English Language,  Mathematics and General Knowledge

STEP 6: ENTRANCE Examinations

i.    Incoming JS1 exam date:  Saturday, 7 March 2020. 

ii.   Supplementary exam dates are being arranged for interested candidates.  Please contact the Admissions Officer for details ( 07033304504 ).

iii.  Candidates should come on the exam day in decent wear. 

iv.  There will be written exam on the subjects mentioned above and essay writing. 

v.  Lunch will be served for the candidates, as the exam will last till 2:50pm.  

vi.  Parents of prospective candidates are encouraged to attend a talk/presentation on the Educational Philosophy of Roseville School to be given during  the exam day at 10:20am.

STEP 7: PARENT’  interview for shortlisted candidates

i.  The Exam Numbers of shortlisted candidates will be published in the school website on Tuesday, 10th of March 2020 after the examination.  

ii. Parents of shortlisted candidates will choose  a date/time when the two of them (mother and father) could come for the parents’ interview starting from Wednesday 11th  of  March  till Wednesday 18th  of March, 2020.

iii. The Admissions Office will send a communication on the exam results of those candidates who are not shortlisted.

STEP 8: PUBLISHING of Successful Candidates

Successful candidates after the parents’ interview will be published in the school website on Friday, March 20th, 2020.  They could proceed with the next stage of  the admission process. The number of successful candidates is normally more than the available spaces.

NOTE: Since there is limited available spaces, the Admission Letter will be issued on first-come-first-served basis and this is counted based on the collection of the admission letter and signing of other relevant documents

STEP 9: PAYMENT of Fees and Completion of the  Family Enrichment Programme

i.   To secure her space, kindly pay (by bank draft)  the development levy  to our proprietor. 

                Account Name:  Ikota Educational Foundation. 

                                         Bank:  Zenith Bank.  

          Account Number:  1014596570.   AND

ii.  Payment of the first term school fees (tuition, lunch fees,  Extra-curricular fees, Family Enrichment Programme fee,  optional bus fees) to Roseville School.

               Account name:  IEF-Roseville Secondary School. 

                                        Bank:  Zenith Bank.

          Account number:  1015413498.

iii.   FAMILY ENRICHMENT COURSES: The next and final stage is the family the Family Enrichment  Programme (FEP) organized by the Nigerian Association for Family Development ( NAFAD).  The course will run for four (4) consecutive Sundays in May, 2020. The dates are: May 3rd ,  10th, 17th and 24th

These courses will help you understand better the partnership  between you and the school, and how best your daughter will benefit. Venue and time will  be communicated in due course.

NOTE: Attendance to this course by both parents is a pre-requisite for student’s resumption in  September, 2020

Parents who have done the FEP in the last two years may present their certificate and this  will be accepted as valid.

STEP 10: ORIENTATION, PaRents Forum & Resumption of Classes

i.   Orientation for the new student will be held in September, Tuesday 15th to Friday 18th.

ii.  Parents orientation will take place on Saturday, 19th  September, 2020. 

iii. Classes will resume on Monday 21st September, 2020. 

For further directives / information on our admission process, please Call our Desk Office on: 07033304504 or send an email to 

Roseville Admission Process Document

The document below  serves to clarify in details the admission process for applicants and prospective students of Roseville Secondary School for the 2020/2021 academic session . Please click below to view /download the document.


Candidates applying to enter JS 1 must sit for and pass the Roseville Secondary School entrance examination. This comprises three papers, viz. English Language, Mathematics and General Knowledge. The content of each of these subjects is the Basic Six (Primary Six) syllabuses.

 General Knowledge includes topics in all the other subjects done in Primary School such as Science, Social Studies, etc.

The examination will be made up of multiple choice questions only, and candidates will be required to simply circle the correct options on the question papers. At the end of the written test, candidates will undergo an oral interview.


2020/2021 ADMISSIONS



Prospective students seeking admission to Roseville Secondary School should be 11 years (preferably) or at least 10 years  before the new academic session.

Entrance Examination Into JS 1

Application forms for the entrance examination into JS 1 is availablle online, Rosevile Primary and Secondary School and Hillrange Schools. 

You can download the form here, fill and submit to the school.

Please note that the forms are sold at a non-refundable rate of N6,000 (Six thousand Naira, only).

Exam Date

The exam is scheduled to hold on Saturday, 7th March, 2020

Exam Venue

The venue for the entrance examination is at Hillrange Secondary School located at Centenary City, Enugu. 

For enquiries, please contact us via 07033304504, 07017605430 or email us via


Mrs. Amu Ijeoma 

(Principal, Roseville Secondary School)