From the Principal's Desk

With joy, I congratulate the newly admitted students. You are welcome to Roseville Secondary School, Enugu. We have gathered today to celebrate Roseville at One year, recalling the 16th of September, 2018. Roseville School was founded to aim at becoming an educational, humanistic and innovative institution that contributes to the development of the society, through the integral formation of many families and education of professionals. We are here to nurture thoughtful, creative and concerned persons for a better world. 

Foundation Day is an important milestone for every institution each year, where we show our gratitude for the wisdom, courage and commitment demonstrated by those who contributed to the establishment of the School, Ikota Educational Foundation, our dear parents, staff and also members of the local community. Without this vision, by IEF, we will not have had the opportunity to be here today.

We cannot forget our donors, those who generously contribute to the set up of our School. 

It is an exciting day for our school and provides each of us an opportunity to reflect on the growth of the school from 2018 till date and have a fore-thought for our school

I am also delighted today because it is a day of triple celebration, we are celebrating our new students and the 80th birthday of  prof. Albert Alos, Chairman of IEF. We celebrate you in a special way and we know that the seed you sowed years back are already bearing good fruits.

We thank God for another opportunity for a great beginning. For the new students , you will encounter new teachers, new academic subjects and new ways of thinking, new opportunities, new privileges, new intellectual challenges and new friends. 

Our pioneer students, by this time next year you will be going in for their first external examination, we look forward to the days as it unfolds.

In conclusion we raise our glasses to many cheers on our founders day, So on this,  happy Founder’s Day, let us all recognize that we have to keep striving to be the light, work in truth and grow in virtues. Thank you IEF for providing us all with the opportunity to learn and work in such a positive, scholarly, beautiful and exciting school. Long Live Roseville

 Mrs. Ijeoma Amu