On Wednesday, 13th November, 2019 the JSS 1 students of Roseville Secondary School went on an excursion to Innoson Technical Industrial Company Nig, Ltd.

When we got there, we were introduced to our tour guides Mr Okafor Chukwuka Lawrence and Mr Tosin. They started by explaining to us why we needed to be safe, why we shouldn’t touch anything and why we are putting on safety wears. After explaining this to us he told us the name of the founder of Innoson, which is Chief Dr. Innocent Chukwuma (Ifediaso 1 of Nnewi). After this, he started listing the different methods of making plastic objects.

They are: Injection moulding

        Compression moulding

        Blow moulding

        Extrusion moulding

Unfortunately, we were not introduced to rotational moulding as it wasn’t explained. We started with injection moulding and he said: “ there are 4 raw ,materials used in injection moulding, they are: co-polymer, homo-polymer, filler and master batch (or colourant). A classic example that can be used to represent the different parts of injection moulding is a hospital when a doctor is injecting someone, the place on the syringe with the drug is the hopper. The hopper in injection moulding is a container that allows the raw material to flow from the hopper through the barrel to the nozzle, then into the mould (a mould is a pattern that gives you the desired shaped). Note: the heating band melts the raw material that is in grain grain form or pellets. Iron cast moulds have water line which serve as a cooling system that comes from a reservoir that continues to cycle. The raw material undergoes mixing before before entering the hopper. Each comes in different bags (25kg) , the mixer mixes it. A charge is 6-7 bags of evenly mixed raw materials. A charge is put into a hopper.

Did you know that at Innoson they also make nylon bags, the machine used for making it is called a Film blowing machine which is a type of blow moulding. The raw material used for its production is the polyethylene. (Note: in plastics and nylon production nothing a waste. If a mistake is made, it is recycled). Blow moulding is also used in making mannequins.

PVC pipes and PVC ceilings are made by extrusion moulding. When the heater band melts the raw materials, the water coming from the reservoir cools it. There are two types of designs for PVC products. They are Paper and Paint design.

Compression moulding is used in making souvenirs for weddings, burials, birthday parties, etc. 

In Innoson they make melamine products and people think its ceramics but it is not. The raw materials used here are: Formaldehyde and Melamine resins

This is what I learned and this is what I have to share. I just want to say thank you to Innoson for giving us the opportunity and for helping us learn.

                                                                                              OZIGBO KOBICHIMHA